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Wandering Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for me to share a few interesting links that I’ve found around the Internet over the past week:

  • As an avid gluten free baker, I’m always interested in different flours and what each type of flour might bring to a recipe. A new flour I just heard about this week is orange flour. Made from orange core, pips, and peels, orange flour is low in fat and high in fiber. Orange flour uses are being investigated at the Teagasc Food Research Centre and University College Cork so it’s not readily available yet for purchase but it does make me wonder if someone could make orange flour at home, given the right tools. What do you think?
  • Last week, I shared a link to an artist who creates Pantone food pairings. This week, I found an artist who uses food to create pictures on plates using food. Her work is incredible! A lot of it doesn’t even look like food. My favorite is the garden plate.
  • In case of emergency or zombie attack, it’s handy to have some skills available. One such skill might be making a candle out of butter. Part of me says, “Wow, cool!” and part of me says, “That’s a waste of butter!”
  • Also on the zombies attack topic, here is an article called “How the Gluten Free Diet is Like a Zombie Apocalypse”. It’s a funny read that includes tips such as stay away from zombies (gluten) and watch your back (always check labels). As a big Walking Dead fan, I thought this article was great!


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2 Responses to Wandering Wednesday

  1. G-Free Laura says:

    Thanks for the mention!! As long as Daryl is on our side, we’ll be fine!

  2. Hi Rochelle,
    Orange flour sounds so unusual. I have been gluten free all my life and remember the days without much fondness when only rice and soy flours were available. I look forward to further research on this. Thanks!
    ~Laurie Barrie