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Natural Foods Expo West Wrap Up

Natural Foods Expo WestI had a wonderful time at Natural Foods Expo West this past weekend. It was huge, overwhelming, and inspirational.

I started the morning with breakfast sponsored by Lyfe Kitchen, where I had their Farmer’s Market Frittata with mushrooms, goat cheese, and sweet potato hash. At the breakfast, there was a panel discussion about the importance of affordable health food for all. The president and CEO of Lyfe Kitchen, Stephen Sidwell, spoke about the company’s goals to provide fast, affordable, healthy food through a combination of their restaurants and grocery store products. In addition, Dr. Alan Greene spoke about preventing and treating childhood obesity and Olympian Janet Evans spoke about being a busy mom dedicated to raising her kids with healthy eating habits.

After that, I hit the show floor. I started in the NEXT Pavilion, the location of booth exhibiting products that were new. It was here that I found Holy Crap Cereal, a gluten free, vegan breakfast cereal that is like nothing else I’ve ever had. With plenty of chia seeds, adding a bit of moisture (like almond milk) gives the cereal a soft pudding-like consistency. I think it would be great mixed with some yogurt, too. This was probably the highlight product for me from the NEXT Pavilion.

I made my way downstairs to the main exhibition halls and spent the next few hours wandering through and checking out products. Focused primarily on gluten free food products, I had no shortage of booths to check out! One highlight of the day was seeing Bob Moore, of Bob’s Red Mill and nutritionist Rachel Beller, from The Biggest Loser. In some upcoming posts here, I’ll be writing about and highlighting a few that really stood out to me. First I need to sort through all of the information I picked up but that is no easy task, given how many delicious and incredible products I discovered!

Lyfe Kitchen